Dance watcher in Sunland Park, NM

In Sunland Park, New Mexico, a community coalition calls for peace, justice, and immigrant rights. Click for more photos.

Click here for photos of the Peace March on Washington

This web page includes resumes for our two attorneys, Anthony Touschner and Richard Renner. Each resume has links to cases, accomplishments, and other affiliations for each attorney. Under "Articles," you can read advice that we give to our clients about taming stress, buying a used car, defending yourself from professional debt collectors, what to do if the boss questions you, and how to meet the 30-day deadline for environmental whistleblower complaints.

On this web page, you can also get directions to our office (hint: click on the picture of the office), see the artwork at our office, or visit the links we like to use. Richard has a collection of web pages that show off his photography and his travels to Guatemala and Mexico.

You can even play with our "clock" and subscribe to Richard's free weekly synopses of the NPR puzzle.


We are a private law office in Dover, Ohio. Established in 1995 by Al Tate and Richard Renner, our office seeks to advance social justice through the practice of civil law. We have experience in employment law, especially in the rights of environmental whistleblowers. We also have experience in consumer, landlord-tenant, domestic relations, juvenile, probate and personal injury cases. You are welcome to contact us for an initial consultation.

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