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Peace March on Washington 2003-01-18

My nephew Chris and I caught a bus in Cleveland to join the national peace march on Washington. Here is where we signed in at the CSU University Center:
Here is where we found Bus #4:

One Clevelander likes to get thanks from Columbians:

Minnesotans loaded 22 buses for a 24 hour trip.

Sue was our leader, not our "captain":

Chris noticed that the condensation froze:

A sign on the speaker tower ties into the King Holiday.
It is from King's 1967-04 speech at Riverside Church.
Click here for the full text:

The main stage. A drum circle formed below the stage as we arrived.
Ohio Baptist Peace Fellowship looks like a nice group:

Those wanting a full count should have looked in the Air & Space Museum:

Here is a meeting area setting up for Chicago Jews:

I like this simple message:

It's nice to see how wide our appeal can be:

Isn't war wrong, even if he does learn how to "say it"?

Orange sign: If you can't say it, don't attack it.

A logical reason to oppose the current drive to war:

Here is an even better reason:

"If thy incline toward peace, You also incline toward peace and trust in God."
The Quran 8:61

Here! Here!

We saw them watching:

It's good to remember:

Logic again:

Best art in the show:
I like the "Maine" badge. We saw more than a few, and they stood out.

Mom could learn to pick one message and say it big:

Asians demanded an end to the Korean War and the Spanish-American War:

Drum circle:

We encountered friendly opponents:

They said, "Hippies go home!" So I stayed.

<-- We asked to inspect the Navy Shipyard.
Amnesty friends wished us well:

"I bet that church will let us use their bathroom."

Chris lost that bet.

Source for background art:

Next Peace Rallies are on 2003-02-15 in New York City and Coshocton
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