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Richard Renner, Kandy Close, Jeri Starcher, Anthony Touschner and Sally Bernhart, the staff of Tate & Renner. Photo by Kyle Close.


You are welcome to browse these links that we use for referrals, or for general interest. Additional links to Richard Renner's court cases, publications, and a hobby, are embedded in his resume.


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Directions to Tate & Renner
The law about your right to have your Probate Court hold your will.
Times Reporter story on TV Board's vote about Bolivar principal
Richard Renner's letter calling for unity on behalf of Bolivar Elementary
Richard's fan page for the Bombay Sitar restaurant

Press Release on Trueblood's reinstatement
Read a scan of the Trueblood v. VonRoll decision
Richard's Links for Peace
Read Richard's speech to the Coshocton Rally for Peace
Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Richard's photos of the national march for peace.
Pictures of the delegation to Chex, Guatemala
El Choro Guatemalteco

Clients can get some advice on these issues:
  • Taming Stress
  • Buying a used car
  • Protecting yourself from professional debt collectors
  • Whistleblower rights
  • When the boss questions you
  • Hispanic Ministries translator list

    Al Tate memorial letter
    Have fun with our clock and the NPR puzzles

    Workplace Fairness (publisher of Job Rights and Survival Strategies)
    Work Rights Press (publisher of The Legal Rights of Union Stewards)

    Additional links are in Richard Renner's resume as an attorney


    Tuscarawas County's homepage
    Tuscarawas County Board of Elections
    Tuscarawas County's official flag
    Tuscarawas County Young Democrats
    Ohio Democratic Party
    Ohio Citizen Action
    Union label goods and services
    Shop Union Made
    Ohio Supreme Court

  • National and Ohio Employment Lawyers Associations
  • National Whistleblower Center
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Ohio Academy of Trial lawyers
  • My Employment Lawyer (MEL)
  • Want to be a lawyer? Read Student Lawyer and the National Lawyers Guild student page
  • Harris & Kaufman Wage & Overtime page
  • Harris & Kaufman Discrimination page
  • Law Offices of Gregory A. Gordillo, Cleveland, Ohio based Employment Lawyer.

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    I thank Tony Tramontano for collecting and providing these links.