Who is Richard Renner?

Richard Renner became a lawyer in 1981. He is a graduate of MIT and the New York University School of Law. He came to Tuscarawas County in 1987 and worked for low-income residents through Legal Services. In 1995 he joined forces with the late Al Tate to form the Tate & Renner law firm.

Richard Renner is involved with this community. He has taught environmental law and math at the Tuscarawas Regional Campus of Kent State University. He has been a union steward and an officer of the Tuscarawas AFL-CIO. He is a member of the New Philadelphia Housing Board of Appeals. As a member of the Human Services Planning Committee, he helped write a transportation plan for Tuscarawas County. He was a precinct committeeman for the Democratic Party.

Richard Renner is also a family man. He and Laura, his wife since 1982, have a daughter, Jennie, who is a graduate of New Philadelphia High School. He also is active in supporting area children by being a Big Brother through the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

What experience does Richard Renner have?

Richard Renner has experience with families. He has counseled hundreds of working families here in Tuscarawas County — 1,400 clients since 1995. Since 1987, he has worked with local families during their most difficult hours.

Richard Renner has experience with courts. He has argued cases before county and state courts, before the Federal Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.

Richard Renner has experience with the issues important to Tuscarawas County. He has been an active participant in our county since his first day here. He is a husband and father, a Big Brother, and a friend of working families.

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