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Alfred L. Tate (1942-1995)
Richard R. Renner
March 15, 2002

Tuscarawas Valley Board of Education
Administration Offices
2637 Tuscarawas Valley Road, NE
Zoarville, Ohio 44697

Re: Request to speak at the beginning of the next Board Meeting

Dear Madams & Sirs:

This letter is my request to address the Board at its next meeting. If you conduct the meeting on March 25, 2002, I request to speak then. Otherwise, I request to speak at the next meeting. I request notification of all Board meetings.

I would like to speak about the importance of having staff and management unite around the District's mission: to educate our children. After hard won experience, the founders of our country set out certain principles for the management of public agencies in our country. These principles include the rights of free speech and due process. Our founders recognize that for government to succeed, it must be conducted openly so that citizens feel they can participate. Before government can take away the rights and expectations of individuals, they are entitled to notice of the reasons, and an opportunity to be heard. These principles have served us well for two centuries. When government has neglected these principles, controversy and disunity have followed.

I believe in the tenure of public employees. If the Board has any reason to believe that Laurie Hall has provided less than exemplary service in the mission of educating our children, the public record deserves to know the Board's reasons. Our democracy cannot function properly if government officials make decisions in secret, or act without explaining their reasons.

I ask you to make a public accounting of any reasons for considering a contract non-renewal, to listen to all interested parties, and to provide a role model for our children. Please do not take any action against the tenure of any public employee without good reason, shown in the public record. Consider reaching out to everyone who has shown interest in this issue, and working together for our common mission: educating our children.


Richard R. Renner
Attorney at Law

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